Consulting Services

Capabilities Summary

Skills and engineering experience in near real-time communications– high integrity systems. Engaged in product and system development cycle, TRL-1 thru 7, focus on airborne data links for autonomous and airmobile assets deploying self organizing IP based links.

Nav-Surveillance Activities- PMEI Consultant Actions

  • Member, RTCA Program Management Committee since 2000. Received RTCA’s Achievement Award, 2006.
  • Chairman, RTCA Free Flight Steering Committee’s Data Link Evaluation Group (ADS-B evaluation team).
  • Sr. advisor to FAA’s Office of Future Surveillance Programs and Office of Surveillance and Broadcast Services to achieve national deployment of ADS-B ground infrastructure.
  • Co-chairman, RTCA committees for development of navigation and surveillance MASPS and MOPS for RTCA SC-159 and SC-186 (GNSS, 1090ES and UAT).
  • Member, FAA/RTCA Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee ADS-B Work Group and co-chair of the Surveillance and Broadcast Services Specification Team (FAA) for ADS-B lay-down and GPS back-up issues.

CNS Capabilities

  • Integrator of radio systems in flight demonstrations of Airborne Networking at the FAA Technical Center (NexGen program support).
  • Provided the ground stations and airborne radio system for FAA and NASA aircraft in the SATS Program.
  • Member/participant of the ICAO panel and workgroups that developed SARPs for VDL Navigation/Surveillance data link services.
  • Supported the ICAO GNSS panel SARPs (LAAS) with design engineering, prototype development and validation of EPOL antennas at NAWCAD, Patuxent.
  • Demonstrated (at Atlanta and Pax River) multi-mode ground station/router to interface VDL/4 and VDL/2 with ground-based automation and safety systems for AMASS and FASSTER
  • Member, Virginia Small Aircraft Transportation System (VSATS) team and contractor under the NCAM/ NASA Program.