Enterprise-Wide Monitoring

  • Library of dashboard tools to display, report and simulate or project cost or energy consumption and carbon footprint impacts
  • Metering, data collection hardware and ‘last-mile’ communication installation connected to PMEI’s Servers via custom encrypted or VPN connections provide immediate automated problem detection, diagnosis and appropriate correction
  • Energy meter and environmental sensor data collection, integrity management and near-real time collection and processing using UTC – time normalized large data store permits enterprise-wide comparison of all facility operations
  • Extensive library of meter and device reading software to collect data from customer premises permits rapid service implementation options to assure customer benefit immediately after start-up
  • Modular software components permit customer dictated policy implementation rules on access control and storage of customer metering data
  • Currently available large database of most meter profiles and usage patterns permit rapid start-up of customer specific display and monitoring tools, procedures of analysis and operational training of customer staff