Enterprise-wide Energy Consumption Capture and Monitoring Services

  • Metering, data collection hardware, and ‘last-mile’ communication installation connections via custom encrypted or VPN connections
  • Meter and other environmental sensor data collection, integrity management and near-real time collection and processing into a UTC – time normalized large data store
  • Extensive library of dashboard tools to display, report and simulate or project cost/ energy consumption and carbon footprint impacts
  • Electronic and manual processing of bills and other charges with analyst review and verification of the integrity of the charges
  • EFT-based payment processing
  • Commissioning and consulting services for operational enhancements and efficiency improvement

 Service Summary

PMEI’s Utility Data Management and Retrieval System© (UDM&RS) software permits direct access and display of information about energy consuming sources via electric meters and other environmental sensors. A tool for custom configuration, local set-up and automated health monitoring of energy consuming devices includes electricity meters and other remote sensors connected to building or enterprise-wide networks that maintain LEED Platinum Certification. Other features of the software suite follow:

  • Support regulatory, Executive and DOE orders to monitor and reduce consumption
  • Enterprise-wide tool for measurement of consumption for all fuels
  • Superior enterprise-wide data accuracy and -ilities permits anomaly detection and corrective response
  • Contemporaneous performance tracking of local and enterprise objectives
  • Local-site projects and programs (including ESPCs)
  • Transparent transition from legacy reporting system
  • Service performance applicable to other Federal, State or commercial enterprise
  • Annual Report to Congress or corporate annual reports
  • Simulation of site performance to determine future energy costs and associated trade-offs
  • EDI interface to Utility Service Provider billing systems
  • EFT payments directly via U.S. Treasury IPP system
  • Energy consumption and performance simulation tools to assist with capital outlay and energy source selection decisions.